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Autodesk Vault Installation And Setup - Training

Managing Data with Autodesk Vault – Level I

Course Description:

 This course is your opportunity to learn how to use Autodesk Vault to manage your Autodesk Inventor as well as Autodesk AutoCad design data, view design history and search for files. You will also learn how to integrate Vault with other Inventor design management tools and work in a multi-user environment...

Who Should Attend?

 Any Autodesk Inventor or Mechanical Cad user, Cad Manager or site administrators who need to use Vault to manage their design data.

Course length – 1 Day  – Prerequisites:  Student should have good understanding of Inventor 7, 8, 9

Course Objectives:

 After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand data management concepts and best practices
  • Understand Vault Terminology
  • Create folders in the Vault
  • Add files to the Vault
  • View the history of files and Inventor design
  • Get the latest or previous version of a file
  • Create projects in Vault
  • Share Vault files with non-Cad users

Course Outline:

Data Management Principals

  • File organization
  • Version tracking
  • Managing the variety of engineering files
  • Used in the design process
  • Clients & servers

Using Vault Explorer

  • Key Terminology
  • Understanding Status Icons
  • Creating Folders
  • Best Practices for setting up structure

Managing Files with Vault Explorer

  • Understanding and maintaining file relationships
  • Adding non Inventor files to the Vault
  • Retrieving previous versions of a file or project
  • Finding the most recent design data
  • Changing file attributes to edit a design
  • Checking in an edited file
  • Creating an association between files in the Vault
  • Attaching Microsoft Word and Excel files to your Inventor drawings.

Managing Versions and Searching

  • Displaying the version history for a file
  • Displaying non-Cad files used in  design
  • Displaying the list of models where a component or subassembly is used
  • Creating customized searches for locating specific information

File Management Tools

  • Adding Inventor files  - track file relationship
  • Logging into the Vault
  • Mapping you current Inventor project to a Vault workspace
  • Best practices for moving files in and out of a Vault

Sharing Data with non-Cad Users

  • Sharing your Inventor files outside your design team

Custom Workshop

  • Hands-on attention in bringing your design files into Vault  - Using students data

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