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Inventor Mastering Sheet Metal Design Training

Course Name: Autodesk Inventor  - Mastering Sheet Metal Design

Who Should Attend: Autodesk Inventor customers who design and use sheet metal parts.

Course Description: This course is designed to provide attendees with a thorough understanding of how to create and use sheet metal parts in Autodesk Inventor 12.

Attendees will learn how sheet metal parts are designed and used in industry, review various construction techniques, learn how to master and automate sheet metal design tools and learn how to document sheet metal  designs.

Objectives: After attending this one-day course, you should be able to:Demonstrate how sheet metal parts are designed and used, including: Enclosures , Brackets , Structures or Frames , Formed Components,

 Demonstrate the various construction techniques, including:, Face – Flange construction , Shelled Solids with Ripped Corners , Flat pattern to folded part, Imported geometry , In-place assembly design using  adaptive design techniques

Optimize various sheet metal tools, including: Sheet Metal Styles , Bends , Flanges, Hems, Corner Seams, Cuts and Folds , Flat Patterns

Automate sheet metal tools, including:, Creating Sheet Metal Features, Adding Fasteners to Sheet Metal Parts , Punch Tool

Demonstrate how to document sheet metal designs

Prerequisites: This class assumes you have attended an Introduction to Autodesk Inventor course or have a good understanding of how to create parts, assemblies, and drawings using Autodesk Inventor.

Duration: 1 day


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