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Autodesk Inventor  What’s New

Course Name: What’s New in Autodesk Inventor

Who Should Attend: Autodesk Inventor customers migrating from Autodesk Inventor All Versions

Course Description: This course is designed to enable attendees to understand the new and enhanced functionality’s offered in Autodesk Inventor. Attendees will improve their part and surface modeling  skills, assembly-modeling skills and drawing creation skills by learning how to use new and improved features and functionality’s offered in Autodesk Inventor 12.

Some of the most important topics covered in this course include 2D spline and 3Dsketch enhancements, new and improved surface modeling tools, more efficient ways to create work features or create more complex  feature patterns on parts, and how to create assembly features and weldments. Other topics include how to create breakout section views, how to create revision blocks, file versioning and multi-user environment  enhancements, and how to customize the Autodesk Inventor user interface.

Methods: Lecture and hands-on instructor-led Classroom Training

Prerequisites: This class assumes you have attended an Autodesk Inventor  Essentials course or have a thorough understanding of how to create parts, assemblies, presentations and drawings using Autodesk  Inventor .

Duration: 2 day


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