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Inventor Machine Design Level I Training

Course Name: Machine Design Level I

Who Should Attend: First-year mechanical engineers,college or university level educators and independent instructors who wish to provide machine design courses or  Introduction to Mechanical Design courses.

Course Description: This course is designed to provide attendees with the knowledge needed to understand the basics of Machine Design using Autodesk software.Attendees will receive an overview of the machine  design process, overviews and descriptions of how to set up Autodesk Inventor 8, how to use online collaboration tools, how to create and use sketches, how to create and document parts, how to create assemblies, and  how to analyze and document assemblies. The primary focus of this course is machine design using Autodesk Inventor 10 and Autodesk Streamline rather than product focused.

Objectives: After attending this five-day course, you should be able to: Set up Autodesk Inventor 10 and navigate the user interface.Demonstrate the overall design process cycle, including:

Analysis and problem definition , Solution review and documentation , Rapid Prototyping tools ,  Manufacture , Describe the importance of Collaboration and Concurrent Engineering, including , Benefits of  collaboration to the extended team.

How Inventor supports concurrent engineering and collaboration

How to leverage design data using online collaboration tools like Meet Now and Autodesk Streamline

Create sketches, including , Reviewing the importance and function of a sketch , Review the types of sketches ,  Creating sketches of 3D Models , Creating and using sketches in Autodesk Inventor

Design parts, including ,  The part creation process , Ease of manufacturing and assembly , Creating parts in Autodesk Inventor , Creating sketched features, placed features and work features

Document parts, including , Reviewing the basic stages of drawing creation ,  Reviewing engineering document management systems ,  Creating a fully annotated orthographic sketches and drawings , Reviewing drawing standards , Reviewing the Autodesk Inventor drawing environment

Demonstrate how to design and create assemblies, including , Reviewing assembly design techniques , Reviewing assembly constraints , Review of adaptive technologyDescribe how to analyze a design, including , Analysis  of an assembly using drive constraints , Checking assemblies for collision between parts , Reviewing interference analysis , Reviewing and Calculating physical properties , Document assemblies, including , Reviewing  the process of creating assembly drawings ,  Creating exploded assemblies using presentations , Creating balloons and parts lists

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 5 days


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