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AutoCad Level II Training

Course Name: Autocad  Professional Level II

Who Should Attend: AutoCad users , architects , engineers and design professionals.

Course Description: The course is a continuation of Level I. Upon completion of this course one should be able to increase there productivity by customizing many facets of the AutoCad environment

Topics Covered

  • Drawing Files - New, Save, Open, File Management, File Utilities
  • Introduction, Objectives for the course, Prerequisites
  • Advanced Selection SETS - Selection Aides, Select Object Options, Using Shift Remove, Groups.
  • Object, layer, and point filters - Object Filters, Layer Filters, Point Filters, Introduction to the Geometry Calculator.
  • Multilines - Creating Multilines, Creating Multiline Styles, Editing Multilines.
  • Blocks, Attributes, and external references - Block and Wblock Review, Creation and Editing of Attributes, External Reference Command and Options.
  • Paper Space and Model space - Definition of Model Space and Paper Space, Using Model Space and Paper Space, Controlling Layers per Viewport, Controlling Paper Space Linetype Scales, Dimensions in Paper Space.
  • Object Linking and Embedding - Definition of OLE, Current OLE Support, OLE Objects, Using OLE.
  • Advanced Configuration, Preference settings, and system variables - Configuration and Configuration Files, User Profiles, Projects, Environment Variables, Preferences Dialog, Systems Variables, Command Line  Options, Application Integration.
  • Introduction to 3D drawing - Viewing 3D Drawings, User Coordinate System (UCS), Drawing and Editing in 3D, Creating Regions and Solids, Editing 3D Solids, Introduction to Shading and Rendering.
  • Introduction to Customization - Partial Menu Loading, Creating Custom Toolbars, Creating Custom Toolbars, Creating a Simple Macro.
  • Data Management - Import/Export Options, File Utilities.

Prerequisites: Autocad Level I or familiarity with AutoCad. 

     Duration: 2 Days



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