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AutoCad Level I Training

Course Name: Autocad  Professional Level I

Who Should Attend: Architects , engineers and design professionals.

Course Description: The objective of this course is to cover basic 2D commands that are necessary to complete and edit production drawings. One will gain an understanding of layers, colors, and linetypes. At  the end of the class one will be able to create a 2d drawing using drawing and editing tools. one will also be able to organize drawing objects on layers, add text and basic dimensions , and prepare to print and  plot.

Topics Covered

  • User Interface - Pointing Device, AutoCAD Window, Title Bar, Pull-Down Menu, Toolbars, Drawing Window, Command Line, Status Bar, Shortcut Menus, Dialog Boxes, Keyboard Options, Help Menu
  • Creating a Simple Drawing - Start From Scratch, Line, Erase, Redraw, Rectangle, Circle, Donut, Drafting Settings, Object Snap, Arc, Undo and Redo, Polygon, Drawing Setup
  • Drawing Files - New, Save, Open, File Management, File Utilities
  • View Commands - Pan Realtime, Zoom Realtime, Zoom Window, Zoom Previous, Zoom Options, Regen, Named Views, Multiple Viewports
  • Coordinates - Coordinate System, UCS Icon, Inquiry, Units, Coordinate Entry, Snap From Object Snap, Drawing Limits, Drawing Limits and Scale Chart for Architectural Drawing
  • Modify Commands - Selecting Objects, Quick Select, Move, Copy, Offset, Mirror, Rotate, Scale, Trim, Extend
  • Object Properties - Layer Control, Make Object’s Layer Current, Color Control, Linetype Control, Lineweight Control, Layer Properties Manager, Match Properties, Properties Command
  • Advanced Commands - Point, Point Style, Divide, Measure, Polyline, Explode, Edit Polyline, Blocks, Insert Block, Purge, WBLOCK, Hatch, Edit Hatch, Array, Stretch, Lengthen, Break, Fillet, Chamfer, Grips Dialog  Box
  • Text and Dimensions - Single Line Text, Multiple Text, Text Style, Edit Text, Find and Replace, Spell Check, Dimensions, Dimension Style, Edit Dimension Location, Edit Dimension Text, Edit Dimension Properties
  • Drawing Layout and Plotting - Drawing Layout, Drawing Layout Viewports, Page Setup, Plot Command

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Windows operating system 

Duration: 3 Days


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