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AutoCad Architecture Level I  Training

Architectural Desktop Level 1

Course Description:
This course is designed to introduce and enforce essential  Desktop design techniques to the experienced R2000 user.
This course will be conducted as a 3-day course

This course is designed to give a thorough, practical understanding of the operational essentials of Architectural Desktop and to teach its  fundamentals to professionals in the building industry who have previous experience of AutoCAD.

Who is the course aimed at?

Architectural Desktop  level 1 is designed to bring the drafter, designer, architect, engineer or experienced AutoCAD user to a  productive level of Architectural Desktop experience. It is an appropriate course for architectural, facilities or interior design disciplines and for individuals who edit, view or work with others that create  design

 How long is the course?

3 Days

Course Objectives:
The content of this course will cover:

  • Using Templates and Content
  • Using Display controls
  • Using AEC Design Centre
  • Using Layer Manager
  • Using AEC Profiles
  • Using Mass Modeling Features
  • Cutting Floor Plates
  • Using Spaces and Boundaries (Outside in Design)
  • Creating Perspective Views (AEC Camera)
  • Creating Elevations and Sections
  • Creating a Building Grid
  • Using Wall Features
  • Using Door and Window Features
  • Creating Door and Window Styles
  • Animation And Rendering - 3D Studio VIZ Renderer
  • Prerequisites:
    This course is designed to compliment the AutoCAD   Level 1 or Update course. It is also assumed that this user will have a general knowledge of design and architectural concepts, together with some basic Windows operating system familiarity.


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